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I didn't know what to expect when I first started working with Cherylyn, I've never done energy work before and I'm not a touchy feely person kind of person. But, I've been stuck and was open to change. Cherylyn's ability to make you feel comfortable allows you to open up and let your true self flow in. She has a gift that helps you change in areas you didn't even know that you were stuck in. One of those areas was with my daughters. I didn't realize how ridged I had become with them. After one session with Cherylyn, which wasn't even about my daughters or my parenting, I found myself a totally changed mom. That night I was laughing and playing with my daughters in a way I haven't been able to do since my husband passed away. I found myself being the person I always wanted to be but didn't think I could access that person again...or ever. My daughters are laughing, I'm laughing and it hit me, that's the work I did with Cherylyn. That was the only change. She has a gift and I'm so grateful I was able to receive it.

-Monique Erman

I want to thank Cherylyn for the work she did with me. I am an Iraq War Veteran with PTSD, Bi-Polar and Anxiety and have been in therapy for 20 years. I have survived multiple suicide attempts and most recently struggling with suicidal ideation on a daily basis. Staying alive was a daily and consistent struggle. I started working with Cherylyn and my suicidal thoughts lost their charge immediately. Based on habit they still come but they have absolutely no charge. In situations where I would usually spin out and start a downward spiral, I have been able to stay calm and let the storm pass. I have tried so many forms of healing that seem to give some relief but never have ever felt this strong of a relief so fast and so lasting. I feel hope for the future in a way that I haven’t in a long time. Thank you Cherylyn!

-Tammy G

I first heard about Cherylyn from my daughter who had several sessions both for herself and her children. When my husband died unexpectedly she suggested I contact Cherylyn and work on my grief

and trauma associated with his death. The first thing I noticed about Cherylyn was how calm she was and how clearly she was able to explain the Abundance Alignment Technique. There was no pressure but only a desire to help me. As we began the process she was also patient with me as I tried to focus on my greatest need at the time. Together we came up with a great belief statement that represented my feelings and then she turned it to a positive. We then began the technique using the statement. It was an interactive experience and lasted about 2 hours. Throughout the process she was able add different modalities such as checking chakras that were also associated with me grief and trauma.

Over the next few days I could see changes in me that surprised me. My responses to my grief were not as elevated or would not last as long. When my mind would begin to go into a dark place I would

restate my belief statement and it helped calm me and brought me peace. I feel like Cherylyn and her

knowledge of the Abundance Alignment Technique was a great blessing in my life during a very difficult

time, and I feel confident in recommending her to others.

-C. G.

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